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Subject: Weird Signals - Major Drone Religions
Date: June 30th 2014

A perspective developed that this was not an intellectual property of the gods, alchemists, and others were attempting to pirate for non-virtual value, but god's own cryptokeys that they were attempting to use. John Murray Spear, spiritualist and sect leader, attempted to create an electrically powered Messiah, called “New Motive Power”, in 1853. This was not an attempt to use a god's powers, but an attempt to actually bring god to earth, in the form of magnets, copper, and electrical current.

[Jack Parsons, Thelema, rockets]

Jack Parsons of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory converted to Aleister Crowley's Thelema religion in 1939, but had been exploring rocketry long before that. His GALCIT research team built the first United States solid-propellant JATO rocket in 1939, the successors of which would be sending Lightning Bug drones skyward only 30 years later. But at the same time as he was making rockets in the effort to promote human space exploration, Parsons was attempting to usher in a new era of spiritual awakening by conducting what were known as the “Babalon Working” rituals with the young Naval officer L. Ron Hubbard.

[L. Ron Hubbard]

Rocketry would, unfortunately, be entirely co-opted by the military-industrial complex, while L. Ron Hubbard would found Scientology.

[nuclear pyramid]

Spear's failure, and Parsons untimely (and perhaps suspicious) death by explosion in his basement lab are the pre-saged coda to the technological dead-end of the age of rocketry, and attempts to incarnate the deity itself. The “do what thou wilt” approach to spiritual technology, the pursuit of technological knowledge as an attempt to incarnate and control metaphysics completely, could literally create a massive exothermic explosion of spiritual energy. But other than that, its peaceful uses were few.

[nuclear test]

Rockets led to a zero-sum of apocalyptic brinkmanship. Robert Oppenheimer's “I am become death” sentiment, may be the sort of spirituality that could end our world, but not that which would connect us to the mechanical hazards of everyday life. The power of occult knowledge lies in its limited accessibility. Nuclear proliferation is an overwhelming concentration of power: pure theocracy. But while this Cold War churned, a technological paradigm shift was being invented that sought not to accumulate power, but distribute it.

[Tullo Cralli painting]

In the early 20th century Futurists were one of the first groups to embrace the ability of technology to completely alter one's subjective mindset. “Futurist aeropainters” adopted the perspective of speed and the overarching perspective of flight to show how technology enables our engagement with the world, and they stated clearly that this new engagement would be of a mystical kind.

The ability to be above was a technological advance that enabled death, via the optical gaze as projected through the Norden bombsite, the U-2 spyplane's telescopic cameras, CORONA spy satellites and later, ubiquitous video technology. This aerial view would enable a pinpoint ability to watch the world below, and direct death towards it in a much more effective and efficient manner.

[police drone]

This aerial panopticism ushered in by improving drone technology created an isolateable power dynamic for the military, but in a more distributed form than rocketry. Drones are very much of the military-industrial complex. But while worrying about the threat of nuclear annihilation is a very obtuse anxiety, the culture that drone data collection has created connects with us at every ATM, in every subway entrance, and behind every cloud.

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