Weird Signals - re: watching a japanese movie

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Subject: Weird Signals - re: watching a japanese movie
Date: May 21st 2014

What was that shot?

"Ah, yes... my apprehensions about the effects the mask might have on you internally."

Please don't exaggerate.

"Does it feel like a thin pane of glass is shattering inside?"

I don't feel the mask is really a part of me yet.

"No feeling of fresh air rushing in through an open window?"

I feel trapped inside a hothouse.

"You'll feel better soon. Once your used to the mask you'll be a new man. One with no records, no past. A mind invisible to the world."

I am me!

That pill? That shot? What were they?

"Are they taking effect?"

I'm feeling numb.

"One was a narcotic, the other a sedative. I was afraid your resistance to the mask would wrinkle it unevenly. Relax. Laugh. Whistle. Yield to the mask. Accept it."

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