Weird Signals - Comment Poem #1

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Subject: Weird Signals - Comment Poem #1
Date: May 8th 2014

ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨1 Considering how many stars there are in this galaxy alone, there HAS to be life everywhere.2 But you are obsessed by nothing more than your own need to believe in time travel.3 Things from the distant past are either gone or a different design entirely. Maybe a few castles still stand but the life that was there is gone. Come on back to reality my wormhole traversing friend, time is a unit of measure not a freeway you can take the next exit on or off of.4 Ultimately I walked through the finished tunnel for a few kilometers which was an eerie experience.5

Indeed, we should reminisce about this great whale rescue on a quiet sunday afternoon, while sipping decaffeinated coffee (so we don't get our trousers in a knot), then read Moby Dick before the eve concludes.6 But these women are bicycles.7 They planned this all out. They called up some of their guys and told them to meet them buy the fence and move the fence when he gives the signal.8 They know this is probably a regular route for him. Not being a limited by his mobility as humans are, it does not necessarily mean the easiest route but likely the quickest. Lift the veil of skepticism and it's amazing what you will see. 9

Incredibly, I had a most difficult time seeing all of these structures, lines, rectangles and other geometric objects. It just seemed way to pixelated and blurry for any clear definition.10 Where we now know birds to be distant relatives of dinosaurs there could also be a possibility that these so called mythical creatures came from something else. Or, maybe even a realm to which we are not familiar with.11 But it is illegal to keep one more the less eat one.12 The way some run around and hyperventilate confirms my fear that the majority of the world will indeed suffer mass hysteria, which is why disclosure comes in drips and drops.  They are here and all around you constantly, they are allowing visuals more than ever before.13

Actually the horses in China, Equus bla, bla bla, were domesticated and used in battle by Genghis Khan. No Wild Horses Remain in the world.
So put that in your pipe and smoke it.14 And, as I always say, put a saddle on it and then sing take me back to the lone prairie.15

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