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Subject: Weird Signals - polyps
Date: March 12th 2014

[source: "The Uncolored Manual" pg. 1043]

"Most began as myths...they acquired corporeal reality as their true existence became known. The mermaid metamorphized into the manatee; Leviathan became the whale;the polyp is the octopus; and the kraken is now known as the giant squid,” notes Richard Ellis in a survey of obsolescent anomalies. The Weird-Shift, shifts gears, metamorphizing in reverse---from the mundanity of the derelict storefront to an oceanic expanse of liminalimony, durations of wonderment, portions of confusion, aspiring anomalies, temporal anamorphoses, latent Leviathans.

If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it. Anamorphosis reloaded and relocated as a wily Proun. Out there oscillating at the “the station where one changes from painting to architecture,”~ proto design fiction by way of El Lissitsky, theory objects angling out of bounds. Theory object with a death wish. Theory object as door jamb, flying checkpoint, a space between the moment or receiving a text and the realization that you are reading it in the middle of a precarious stairwell–a shadow out of time, partitioned and poorly distributed.

A thousand latter-day Frierich Jurgensons are dialing into the 24 hours electro-miasmic newsfeeds, catching up on outlying schools of DX. Outmoded but not eclipsed by DTV, these activities contribute to the conditions of today’s parmediate information ecology. To be caught between stations, catching glimpses of utterances, a relish for so many moving morphologies. A glint, a gleam, a slow-coded regime. The bullet time of a twinkling. Parameditation is/not a negotiation between parafact and parafiction?

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